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My name is Kishlay Rai and  I am a Triathlete- 4x IronMan.  I am about to get an IronMan Certification as a coach & also associated with India's biggest triathlon coaching organization - Yoska


In Jan 2017, I started my Ironman journey and have been extremely fortunate to train under the guidance of India's fastest IronMan Subramani Venkatesh (PB 9 hrs 30 mins) Mohit Oberoi (2X Ironman, English Channel finisher and Rock Climber and Author).

  • IronMan Malaysia, 17th November  2019-  14 Hrs 15 Mins  (Had finished with left broken wrist)
  • IronMan South African World Championship, Port Elizabeth, 7th April 2019 -12 Hrs 12 Mins
  • IronMan Taiwan, 29th September 2019 - 12 hrs 35 mins 
  • IronMan Malaysia, 26th October 2019- 12 hrs 55 mins

Current Agenda

  • Right now I am training for
  • IronMan Taiwan 2021, IronMan Philippines 2020 & IronMan Kazakhstan 2020
  • The goal is to finish Ironman in sub 10 HRs and qualify for the Kona Ironman world championship in the coming year.
  • My weekly training drills are 15 to 19 HRs per week apart from my 45 HRs per week full-time job.
  • 08- 10 hours of endurance cycling,
  • 3 -4 hours of endurance run and
  • 4-5 hours of endurance training on swimming.