Greatest Run of the Year 2019
Organised by "The Centrum", Lucknow

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Half Marathon Organized by "The Centrum" Lucknow under the "FitIndia" Movement Run by the Government.

The “Lucknow Run” Half-Marathon in Lucknow is organized by “The Centrum” every year for the people of Lucknow who want to discover, learn about, share, and ultimately participate in a virtual marathon. This summit is an excellent opportunity to take a step towards a fitter India and to interact with others who have similar interests and access to nutrition, fitness, and training tips.


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3 KM Beginner

Running should be a part of the child’s day to day activities, it will not only benefit them physically but also mentally for their life. Their learning and retaining power will be stronger. Yet running is a social activity, kids can work on both their confidence and social skills at the same time.

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5 KM Amateur

Teenage years is an important phase where children face problems like low self esteem and insecurities which ultimately results in risk of chronic illness. Running reduces the body stress, makes them fit and clears up the mind from negative thoughts.

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10 KM Intermediate

Running is the safest exercise because the risk of injuries is less, also it strengthens the bones, and is great for weight loss.

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21.09 KM Pro

For all the regular and professional sports enthusiasts, it will be a great opportunity to practice and display their skills in this 21.9 km long virtual run.

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Featured Runners

Sarvesh Goel

Chairman, The Centrum

Fitness enthusiast, an avid marathoner, and a long distance cyclist.


Kishlay Kumar Rai 

Triathlete- 4x IronMan

My name is Kishlay Rai. I am about to get an IronMan Certification as a
coach & also associated with India’s biggest triathlon coaching organisation – Yoska.

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We are pleased to have many partners join inLucknow Run.

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