Terms & Conditions

How fit are you?

Please review the following questions before applying:-

  • Do you have a heart condition and have been advised that you should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor?
  • Do you feel pain in your chest when you do physical activity?
  • Do you lose your balance because of dizziness or do you ever lose consciousness normally or while working out?
  • Do you have a bone or joint problem that could be worse while running or working out?
  • Is your doctor currently prescribing drugs for your blood pressure or heart condition?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Do you have diabetes?
  • Do you have difficulty in breathing, especially in any weather conditions?
  • Do you have any symptoms like Cough, Cold, Fever, Difficult in Breathing?

If any of the above is a concern for you and you have YES as an answer we recommend please seek advice from your doctor before registering for the Lucknow Run.

Specific Symptoms

Heart Condition

Chest Problem


Joint Problem

Blood Pressure



Breathing Problem